Appraisal of real estate property

The market of real estate properties is dynamic and depends on a lot of factors. Some of them change depending on economic, political and demographic factors but there are such which may be accepted as permanent with regard to their significance, to wit: 


Location of the property – the populated area as well as the location of the property in it get here. The main factor in the formation of the price of a real estate property is its location. The prices in the big city are always higher. The prestigious and well regulated districts are preferred and more expensive. The proximity of transport, kindergartens and schools, hospitals, grocery stores, commercial centers and so on also exert impact over the price of the property.


Condition and functionality of the sold property – the maintenance of the real estate property, the condition of the block, the entrance it is in, are of significance for the preservation of the value of the real estate property. If the owners did not take care, it is natural that they should be ready to sell the property at a lower price. The internal distribution and the functionality of the residence, the availability or the absence of transitional rooms, servicing premises are decisive for its price.


Type of construction – We have panel and brick construction, old and new construction on the market or properties. The new, modern brick construction is the most preferred followed by the old brick one and the prices at the panel construction are the lowest.


Each property is individual and it is necessary to be professionally appraised. Declare an appraisal of your property! Fill up the form herein below and our specialist will contact you within the framework of the working day.


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