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Newly built residential building in Slaveykov
            New apartments in Slaveykov district of Burgas. With its attractive location and close proximity to a large park and all amenities such as shops, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and bus stops, as well as quality construction, it is a desirable place for year-round living as well as an investment project.            The building will be constructed with high quality materials meeting the highest construction standards.
New apartments in the Meden Rudnik district of Burgas
            New apartments located in the fastest developing district of Burgas - Meden Rudnik. Close to kindergarten, numerous shops, banks, as well as the "Meden Rudnik" terminal.            The building consists of two underground parking lots, a ground floor and four residential floors. It has shops, one and two-bedroom apartments. It is built with high
New frontline apartments with sea views
            New residential building located in the most preferred residential area of Burgas - Sarafovo in recent years. Located on the first line, the apartments have wonderful sea views.            The building is four storey and consists of 36 apartments - studios, one, two and three bedrooms, and on the ground floor there is an entrance space with an elevator, seven apartments
New apartments in the Meden Rudnik district of Burgas
            We are offering you a new building located in the district of Meden Rudnik in the city of Burgas, near the Bus Terminal South for public transport. The area is quiet, populated with young people and families. Nearby are two new kindergartens.            The building consists of a basement, ground floor with shops, 5 residential floors and a roof-terrace floor and
New apartments in a luxury complex in Burgas
            The Central park set is located in Slaveykov district of Burgas. Good infrastructure, close to a large park, many kindergartens, schools, as well as the latest swimming pool and MALL Gallery.            Central park covers an area of 35 acres - 200,000 square meters of living space - 150,000 square meters of office and residential buildings, two underground levels with parking spaces of
Panoramic apartments with unobstructed views, easy access to the centre, extreme comfort and style just meters away from the sea
We present at your attention an extremely unique brand-new apartment project with top location, just across the Sea Garden and with very good access to the centre of the Varna. It is located in the green and peaceful Briz quarter. The builder is known and highly reputable, with a high range of luxury finished buildings. This is the second highest building (in total there will be 14 living floors) in the
Cozy apartments near the sea
            Construction of a new residential building in the Lazur district of Burgas begins. With its immediate proximity to the sea garden, the beach, the city center, as well as numerous shops, institutions, kindergartens and schools, Lazur is the most preferred residential area of Burgas.            The building consists of a basement with parking lots and cellars, a ground floor with
High-quality finished residential building 100 meters from the beach
An 850 sq.m. apartment development with modern design l
New apartments in Sarafovo
            One of our new proposals for new construction is a compact four-storey residential building in the most preferred quarter of Burgas - Sarafovo. With its proximity to the city, the airport and, in the meantime, its resort radiance is preferred both for year-round living and as an investment project.            The building is four-storey and consists of a basement with
Newly built complex in a preferred area in Varna, Briz quarter
               Excellent location in an elite area, preferred for permanent living. Close to the Sea Garden, quick and easy access to all parts of the city and the resorts located to the
New residential building with excellent location in Pchelina area, Varna
       Residential building Rainbow is located in a quiet and peaceful area with amazing views of the city and the lake of Varna. In close proximity to major boulevards: Hristo Smirnenski Blvd. and Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. The building will have a modern, fresh and colorful design. It will be built
Building with excellent location meters from the Sea Garden
Luxury residential building with excellent location in one of the most preferred areas for permanent living and investment in Varna - Chaika district. Meters from the Sea Garden, the beach and many other facilities. In the area there are commercial and sports facilities, hospital, restaurants, school, university, kindergarten, tennis courts and bus stop.
New apartments in Burgas close to the center and the Sea Garden
New apartments, located in the most preferred residential area of Burgas - Lazur. In close to kindergartens, schools, shops, establishments, the Sea Garden and the center.            The building is six-storey and consists of one-room, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments. On the ground floor there are two shops and garages. High-quality building materials are used for construction, guaranteeing low energy and operating costs. Very suitable for both
Walking distance to the Cathedral and Central Zone as well as all the city amenities
We offer for sale apartments in a new building with a very good position.The dwellings are suitable for permanent living due to the immediate proximity to shops, schools, bus stops and restaurants. Project - example of first-class performance, modern design solutions and convenience.
Luxury building with top position and excellent apartments
This project is the latest and most attractive architectural jewel in the urban environment of the city of Varna. The impressive silhouette with a beautiful glass facade of the building makes it noticeable and memorable.             The newly built 16-storey building on a main boulevard is multifunctional and divided into three
Great panoramic views from top floors, innovative technologies and high-quality materials
This offer is for a top property in exclusive location in the centre of Varna, next to the Sea Garden, the promenade and the pedestrian zone. This is a 9-storey emblematic building in the heart of the sea capital, it offers a variety of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, as well
With perfect access, lots of space and parking spaces to each apartment
                We present to your attention a small building with Act 16 well positioned in Briz district. The dwellings are suitable for permanent living due to the immediate proximity to shops, public transport stops and restaurants.                
New apartments in the quarter of Burgas
               We present to you newly built residential buildings in the heart of the Sarafovo district of Burgas. Two buildings are located in one yard, one is three-storey and the other four. Hydraulic lifts are provided for the convenience of residents. The apartments are studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom, and garages are on the ground floor. They are issued in degree of completion under
Perfect location, very good and communicative place just 10 minutes’ walk from Varna center
This offer is for newly-build apartments in a very stylish building with modern vision in process of construction since December 2018
Last available , two-bedroom and penthouse apartments in a newly-built building with an Act 16
     This stylish building is on 6 floors, serviced by a modern elevator and, apart from its excellent location in the heart of Varna, features a stylish and luxurious vision. The location offers good communication and easy road access, as well as convenient public transport.     Within walking distance, you will find
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