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Only 28 km from the city of Varna and 4 km from the resort of Albena in the picturesque village of Rogachevo
We offer for sale a regulated plot of 3517 sq.m with regular shape and good position in the hilly part of the village of Rogachevo.  The village is situated 28 km north of Varna, 25 km from the airport and 4 km from the famous beach resort Albena. Nearby are two
Only 28 km from the city of Varna and 4 km from the resort of Albena in the picturesque village Rogachevo
Тhe village is situated 28 km north of Varna, 25 km from the airport and 4 km from the beach resort Albena. Nearby are two professional golf courses and one golf school. We offer for sale a plot of land of 15 000 sq.m with excellent shape and position in the hilly part of village Rogachevo. The property has
With good and fast communication to the city and the whole neighborhood, Vinitsa quarter and St.St. Constantine and Elena
This plot of land offers a wonderful location, near the city of Varna, next to it there are newly built, luxury houses, with permanently living families. The total area of the plot is 402 sq.m. The building parameters are: Kint-0,6, density 20%, landscaping 60%, KC 7 m. The property is suitable
Plot suitable for building a house
Regulated plot of 935 sq.m., close to the center of Trastikovo village. Electricity and water next  to the plot.
Landed property in a quite area of a well developed village
A plot of land with an area of 800 sq.m. in the village of Polski Izvor. The village is just 15 km. away from Brugas and has the amenities needed for all-year-round living – direct and regular bus transport to Burgas, post office, shops, pub and a church.
A well-located plot on which you can build your home or villa
A plot of land with an area of ​​967 sq.m in Kamenitza villa area, Burgas with a splendid panorama to the Mandra lake. The property faces a road on both sides and is supplied with electricity and industrial water. The property is suitable for building a house or a villa as there are people who
It is located in the preferred area Briz of the sea capital Varna and close to Varna stadium
This offer is for two plots, each-one with area of 247 sq.m. and 217 sq.m. in a region preferred for new and luxurious construction.For both parts, which can be merged into one common plot, there is a prepared development plan that can be
Two plots nestled on the foothills with breath-taking views to Varna
These two plots are located in an excellent area for year-round living, quiet and peaceful location with large newly built luxury houses. The plots are panoramic, both are in regulation, located in the hilly part of one of the most desirable areas of the city. Guaranteed views of Varna Bay and
A superbly located plot in Byala with a preliminary project for a nice building
This offer is for a superbly located plot with a project for a nice building only with 8 apartments. The size of the plot is 418 sq.m. There is a spectacular view to the sea and the beach of the town Byala.Located on a slight hill, the sea views are unobstructed. The town of Byala is a famous spot
First line building plots next to the sea and beautiful sandy beach.
    Perfekt plots of land for sale  with a size of 630 sq.m. located in the area of "Greek neighborhood" in Byala,Town Varna district. There is a real opportunity to build your perfekt sea house on
Old house with a plot of land in an industrial area
We offer you an attractive plot of land with an old house in the Pobeda quarter of Burgas. The property is located on a central boulevard facing the street, on the busiest street, on a very convenient spot in the area of Shell petrol station, with an area of 499 m2.                 Suitable for a car center, administrative building, a family house with shops, warehouse and many others.
In the Strandzha Mountain
You have the opportunity to buy a regulated plot of land in the village of Momina Tsarkva,  located in Strandja Mountain and 60 km away from the city of Bourgas.  The road from Bourgas to the village is in excellent condition and travels fast.The yard is 1032 square meters,  it is suitable for building a family house for your new home. For more information call
For public construction
     A regulated plot of land in Meden Rudnik, zone D, Kapcheto area. The property has  changed its status for public building. All kinds of objects of public importance can be built, such as a gas station, a polyclinic, a sports hall, a large shopping mall, an education building, and others. The plot has an area of 1122 sq.m.      For more information and insights, contact us!
Plot of land close to Kamchiya river
An excellent plot of land with projects for three houses in the construction boundaries of the village of Bliznatsi, perfectly positioned facing a new asphalt road from three sides and only 15 minutes from Varna.
For your new home!
We offer you a large plot of land in the village of Marinka, only 5 km from the Black Sea shores and 10 from the city of Burgas.The yard of 1386 sq.m.,it  is in regulation, equal and is perfect for building a big family house. There is a new water-pipe system on the street in front of the plot with act 16 at a price of
Regulated landed property with an attractive location
Regulated plot of land with an area of 4547 sq.m., first line from the sea, in an ecologically clear area.   The piece of land is slightly sloped for elevated sea views. The property borders
A plot of land with sea view
A plot of land with an area of 1817 square meters in Budzaka area - a peninsula between the new town of Sozopol and camping Kavatsi. The plot is regulated and is located near the sea, offering excellent sea view. New houses have been already built on the neighbor plots. The property faces an asphalt road
Plot with prime location next to Lozenetc
A unique plot of land!Our new offer is for a regulated plot of 4,132 sq.m. on the first line to the sea near Arapya camping between the village of Lozenets and the town of Tsarevo.The property is situated on a rocky peninsula with magnificent views in all directions.The construction parameters of the plot are as follows:Height
Perfect place to build a family house
Bulgarian Estates Burgas wants to offer you to buy a plot and build your dream home in quarter of Banevo, Bourgas.The plot is  in regulation and it Is  ready to build a house in it.The plot is 1042 sq.m. Banevo  is one of the most popular places in the city of Burgas  for permanent living  in the last few years.The infrastructure is constantly improving, there is a regular  bus transport  transport. For
For building a house
We offer you a top offer- yard in the regulation of Mineral Baths, Vetren, Burgas, the most preferred place for building a house in the quarters  of Bourgas.The property is reached by an asphalt road, at the end of the villa zone, in a quiet place.Regulated plot 1 - 992 sq.m. - price: 56000 euroRegulated plot 2 - 732 sq.m. - price: 49000 euro For more information, I expect your call!
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