Expenditures at the purchase of real estate property



At a transaction for purchase of real estate property the Buyer shall pay the following taxes and fees:

  1. Local tax for acquisition of propertyit shall be paid to the relevant municipality related to its location

  2. Fee for entry to the Registry Agency

  3. Notarial fee for sale by contract certified at a notary’s officepaid to the Notary Public



In conformity with the Local Taxes and Fees Act (LTFA), each year the municipalities in Bulgaria determine independently the amount of the local tax for acquisition of property on the relevant territory within the range of 0,1 and 3 per cent over the selling price of the property or over its tax assessment if it is higher than the selling price.


The fee for entry of the transaction into the Registry Agency is in the amount of 0,1% over the selling price. It is identical for the territory of the entire country.


The notarial fee is also calculated over the material interest and in conformity with the Tariff for the Notarial Fees to the Notaries and the Notarial Practice Act. For transactions with real estate properties new construction, it most frequently gets within the following graphs of the Tariff:


  • At price of the property from 50 001 to 100 000 BGN the notarial fee is 480,50 BGN + 0,5 per cent for the surplus over 50 001 BGN;

  • At price of the property from 100 001 to 500 000 BGN the notarial fee is 730,50 BGN + 0,2 per cent for the surplus over 100 001 BGN.



The development of the Notary Deed as well as all the other documents is the obligation of our Legal Department. As an agency with rich experience we control and guarantee the quality of the performed process from the beginning to its very end.